Perhaps The Pinnacle Of Stupidity

By David

Miskimmin’s new Swimming New Zealand is pathetic, it really is. They increase fees outside the sport’s regulations. They lie about their altitude camp. They spin the amount of popular support for their Trial’s decisions. And now they’ve trump all that with this unbelievable bit of incompetence.

FINA Rule GR5.4 says “Before any swimwear of new design, construction or material is used in competition, the manufacturer of such swimwear must submit the swimwear to FINA and obtain approval of FINA.”

Did you note the phrase that says, “in competition” and “obtain approval of FINA.”

And yet on the Swimming New Zealand website they promote merchandise available at the Trials with this advertisement.

NZ Open Merchandise online now

Merchandise for the 2014 State New Zealand Open Championships is available online now through Teamline. Click here to check it out and get your orders in.

And so I clicked “here” and ended up looking at a Teamline website promoting products for sale at the Trials. Foremost among the suits was one called the “Teamline GOLD Kneeskin Racesuit – Blueseventy

Included in the small print describing the suit I found the following comment.

These suits have been passed by Swimming New Zealand for all domestic competitions. These suits are NOT FINA approved, but they comply with all FINA regulations

Would you bloody believe it Miskimmin’s new Swimming New Zealand has approved a swim suit without FINA sanction. Not only that the new Miskimmin Swimming New Zealand is promoting its sale. And their authorized agent is planning to sell a suit that is way outside FINA Rule GR 5.4; that for international Trials competition is as illegal as sin. Is there anything Miskimmin’s new Swimming New Zealand won’t do? If there is a dollar or a new Mazda at stake, is nothing off limits? If I designed a new brand of steroid, not yet banned, would they promote that as well?

Mind you I should not be surprised. After all this is the lot who told me the Kilbirnie Pool met all FINA’s Rules; told me that is until a young girl from Raumati lost her front teeth on the bottom of the Kilbirnie swimming pool. With that as the standard why should we be surprised when they promote suits banned by FINA Rule GR 5.4.

After all the first statement on the meet flier for the Trials says, “This meet will be swum under SNZ Regulations.” Well that’s not true. Because in their precious Regulations you will find Rule GR 5.4. You know, the one that says, “in competition” and “obtain approval of FINA.”

But I should not be surprised. After all this is the lot who increased our fees way outside the Regulations. What’s another rule violation here or there? Nothing at all it seems. Not when you are a Miskimmin chosen one.

I do hope no one wearing one of these suits wins a race or qualifies for the Commonwealth Games. I do hope no one wearing one of these suits breaks a New Zealand or World record. I do hope no one wearing one of these suits beats any West Auckland Aquatics swimmer. Because if any of those things happen, I’ll have $50 available to protest Swimming New Zealand’s illegal behaviour.

Mind you I expect to lose the deposit. Have you ever seen this lot accept responsibility for anything?

  • Mister clive

    How can there be 0 comments on this post? Shiny suits were one of the two most insidious intruders into our sport (#1 = doping). Suits which are approved, therefore, are a no-brainer!!!

  • David

    Agree fully Mister Clive. But my guess is that Joe Davidson and Ross Brag have been despatched by SNZ to find a loophole rule that allows a non FINA approved suit to be worn. “Insidious intruders” are not the point when you need to score a win over that bastard that writes Swimwatch.
    By the way I understand SNZ may have backed off their 2014 price increase. If so that’s a victory for the good guys.