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Some Swimwatch articles cause far more concern than others. This one is at the top of the concern list. I am aware that I may be sticking my nose into an area where it may not be wanted. Worse than that, I may cause harm. That is the last thing I want to do. The subject is Emma Goodwin’s “Give-a-little” page asking for help to get to the December World Short Course Championships in Hangzhou, China.

I am full of admiration for the initiative Goodwin has shown by using the “Give-a-little” website in an effort to raise the money required to get herself to China. She should have been fully funded by Swimming New Zealand (SNZ). But Johns and Francis are, as usual, too busy looking after themselves. New Zealand’s best swimmers have been abandoned by Johns and Francis. Godwin and the other swimmers are required to pay out of their own pockets to represent the country or they don’t go.

Godwin’s solution is to open a “Give-a-little” appeal. Here is the link to her page.

The page tells us that the appeal was opened a month ago on the 11 October 2018 and closes in another month on the 8 December 2018. So far 30 donors have contributed $3,777.67. That is brilliant but it means Godwin is still $1,522.33 away from the $5,300 needed to get to the Championships.

Now I don’t know Emma Godwin. We have never met. I have watched her swim and am full of admiration for the effortless way she moves through the water. Some people are blessed with a wonderful feel of the water. It is an ability, difficult to describe, impossible to teach and vital for international swimming success. Toni Jeffs, Rhi Jeffrey, Nichola Chellingworth and Jane Copland all have the same gift. So does Emma Godwin. She also knows how to win a race. If it is close she somehow knows how to get to the wall first. Her career smacks of talent and common sense decisions; not a bad combination.

I do know Godwin’s Hawkes Bay coach, William Benson. He is a good guy. Certainly he knows about swimming. He has been immersed in chlorine since I lived in Hawkes Bay and William was about 10 years old. He represented New Zealand at the Beijing Olympic Games and won the Oceania Championships 50 Freestyle. He has been a New Zealand national champion and short course champion in Queensland, NSW and Victoria state championships.

Godwin and Benson, swimmer and coach, are a good team. If anyone stands a chance of success in this sport that combination does. My point is that Godwin’s fundraising deserves our support. She is well worth a dollar either way.

I do hope this does not hurt her chances, but if you have a couple of bucks to spare, please click on  and help Godwin raise the $1,522.33 left to get her to China.

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