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Copied in the table below is the official result from the Capital & Coast District Health Board elections held last weekend. What has this got to do with swimming, I hear you ask? Well, if you skip to the last result; the person who secured the lowest number of votes, the name that polled fewer votes that 22 other candidates, the name I have highlighted in bold print is Susan Turner.

The people of Wellington have spoken. Susan Turner is their last possible choice – bottom of the pile. But why is that significant to Swimming New Zealand (SNZ)? Well Susan Turner was the ex-President of West Auckland Aquatics who along with Nikki Johns, is the person who complained about my coaching at the club. She is also the person who was central to a $AU1.4million judgement against Queensland Health because of her “mismanagement”. But most important of all Susan Turner and Nikki Johns are the two people that SNZ has decided to spend $100,000 protecting from publication in the Marris Report.

Talk about, “make good choices”. Clearly Wellington voters have more brains that the Board of SNZ. In Wellington the voters would not even give Turner their vote. SNZ on the other hand are in the process of giving her privacy $100,000 of your money. Is that good use of your money? Certainly the voters in Wellington do not think so. I suspect Queensland health and their Court would agree. But not the Board of SNZ.

To SNZ the person who cost Queensland Health $AU1.4million and came last in a 23 person District Health Board field is well worth an investment of $100,000. It really is crazy stuff. As I have asked a dozen times what is in that Report that links Susan Turner to SNZ and Bruce Cotterill? What are they trying to hide? Why is protecting something about Turner more important to the SNZ Board than investing $100,000 in New Zealand’s youth? Why is your child’s swimming 100,000 times less important to SNZ than Susan Turner? What are SNZ scared of you finding out?

In Wellington, at least the people have spoken and, in my view have made a good choice. I can only wish the Board of SNZ had half the wisdom of the Wellington electorate.

Here then is the Wellington result – made by people who do know the right thing to do. The Board members of SNZ should read it well and ask themselves – why?

Capital & Coast District Health Board

2019 Triennial Elections


The preliminary result for the election of seven members of the Capital & Coast District Health Board is as follows.

Capital & Coast District Health Board (7 vacancies)

KEDGLEY Sue Green Party elected

KALDERIMIS Chris Independent elected

ADAMS Kathryn  elected

COFFEY ‘Ana Independent elected

VERRALL Ayesha Labour elected

BLAKELEY Roger Independent elected

SIMPSON Vanessa Independent elected

BROWN Eileen Labour excluded

HUGHES Glenda The Wellington Party excluded

FISO John Access, Action & Accountability Group excluded

MITIKULENA Alvin Independent excluded

HOLBOROW Janet  excluded

MARSH Simon (Swampy) Independent excluded

APANOWICZ John The Wellington Party excluded

GRICE Stephen Access, Action & Accountability Group excluded

ISA Letitia Independent excluded

CLARK Marion Independent excluded

SHAND David  excluded

CLARK Nathan  excluded

NG Shan Independent excluded

O’DWYER Letitia Independent excluded

PETERS John  excluded

TURNER Susan Independent excluded

The final absolute majority of votes (final quota) as determined at the last iteration was 9,030.45. There were 2,319 informal votes and 7,976 blank votes.

Warwick Lampp Electoral Officer Capital & Coast District Health Board

13 October 2019


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