A Week of Fun and Games

By David

The Delray Beach “Adopt a Swimmer” program is one week old. It’s been a good start. From funds received we have paid the monthly training fees for seven swimmers. We have purchased one swim suit and three pairs of goggles. And the beneficiaries are having a ball. The young girl I mentioned in the first article is as proud as all can be, in her new blue suit and red silicon bathing cap. Already cruising through 3000 meters a day, she looks just the part. With her new team mates, she has already learned tumble turns, racing starts and the twenty drills I use to improve their strokes. I make far too much of the fact that these drills were invented by Toni Jeffs who swam for New Zealand at the Barcelona Olympic Games but were also used by fellow internationals, Chellingworth, Copland, Quevedo, Myrvang, Hutchins and Jeffrey and US National qualifiers Foster, Meeder, Skuba and Ling.

I suspect the swimmers getting your help in this program already know far too much about life’s negative traits. For years they have heard “no” and “can’t” more often than “yes” and “can”. To be included with this list of fine athletes, to be doing the same drills they did, is more important than just swimming fast. From time to time I have been told exploring the limits of a swimmer’s talent could be selling false dreams. I don’t accept that argument. Besides, it’s not false if a dozen swimmers have done it already. While I’m writing this, the Miami Dolphins v. New Orleans Saints football game is playing on television. The commentator has just said one of the Saints’ players has the motto, “Better to live on the edge than die on the porch.” I agree with that. We are selling a dream and with your help will provide the means for it to be achieved.

In the first week we have had support from around the world. Donations have been received from the USA and England. Questions have been answered from New Zealand, Singapore and Australia. It’s been great. It seems to be a paradox of life in the United States. On one hand there is a harsh “independent” character to society here. On the other hand there is a huge generous factor. We have received help from small donors and large. We have been contacted by opinion leaders in the City of Delray Beach, Washington DC and Tallahassee (the capital city of Florida) asking about the program. To you all – thank you very much.

An unexpected consequence of the program’s first week has been the line-up of future recruits. Nina, the Pool Manager tells me she is fielding a stream of “can I join the swim team?” requests. We want the program to grow. At risk children want to be involved. Your help in making both happen would be deeply appreciated. You can donate by using the Paypal button. If you have any questions please email any of the contacts listed below.

Administrator – Benn Stille, Email ben@stillefam.net

Swim Team Treasurer – Peter Kariher, Email pkariher@comcast.net

Pompey Park Pool Manager – Nina Salomom, Email salomon@ci.delray-beach.fl.us

Coach – David Wright, Email nzdaw@yahoo.co.nz