Very few would question the idea that science has been of benefit to our understanding of the world. Every aspect of our lives has profited from scientific discovery. But even science has its lunatic fringe. There is an anti-oil advertisement on New Zealand TV just now of an oil company scientist saying to an energy consumer, “We understand each other. You are concerned about the environment. We are concerned about the environment. Buy our oil.”

Sadly, the same flawed logic is used by “scientists” employed to prove that Lia Thomas has every right to compete against natural born women. For example, four researchers from the “Nottingham Centre for Gender Dysphoria” have published a paper that poses as academic. Their paper says this.    

  1. Within the literature, it has been questioned as to whether androgenic hormones (testosterone) are even a useful marker of athletic advantage. 
  2. There is no evidence to suggest that androgenic hormone levels (testosterone) consistently confer a competitive advantage
  3. There is limited research from which to draw any conclusion about whether transgender people have an athletic advantage in competitive sport or not.
  4.  Currently, there is no direct or consistent research suggesting transgender female individuals have an athletic advantage at any stage of their transition (e.g. cross-sex hormones, gender-confirming surgery) and, therefore, competitive sport policies that place restrictions on transgender people need to be considered and potentially revised.

There it is then, their “Buy our oil” argument. If any of that was true, I would love to hear their explanation of why East German scientists spent years pumping their women swimmers with gallons of androgenic hormones. We can accuse East German scientists of many things. Ignorance of the performance benefits of androgenic hormones is not one of them. The “Nottingham Centre for Gender Dysphoria” tell me fairness is defined as “competition in the absence of advantage”.  To suggest that Lia Thomas’ 21 years of natural male androgenic hormone treatment has no advantage is clearly rubbish.

Even World Athletics boss Sebastian Coe needs to climb out from under his rock. Sports scientist Ross Tucker has made the point that “competition in the absence of advantage” involves more than testosterone. Tucker says Coe “needs to come over to the fair sport brigade” and drop his nostalgia for testosterone as the trump card on transgender inclusion if he is to heed his own warning that the “integrity and future of women’s sport” is at stake.

And so, in this case we are hearing the good, the bad and the ugly from the scientific community. Perhaps then we should leave the final word to the man or woman in the street. First a Twitter user called Elvin L. Speights Sr. He recently said this.

  1. Care to explain this one anyone?

Lia Thomas was born a BIOLOGICAL MAN, he didn’t so called transition into a women until he turned 21. He now competes with women where he went from being ranked 462 as a man swimmer to the number 1 swimmer in WOMEN’S swimming….

Now meet Caster Semenya. She’s 31, born a BIOLOGICAL WOMAN from South Africa. She was recently DENIED the chance to compete in the Toyko Olympics because she’s said to be TOO MANISH. They wanted her to take medicine to lower her NATURALLY GIFTED testosterone. Since she refused, THIS WOMAN was not allowed to compete with other WOMEN… can’t make this up!!

Well, that’s true – you can’t make this up. Or perhaps you can if you teach at the “Nottingham Centre for Gender Dysphoria”.

But let me leave the final word to American rapper Boosie. I doubt there is a less politically correct group of people alive than American rappers. But in the case of Lia Thomas, it appears even American rappers have had enough. Boosie was interviewed on the fairness of Thomas swimming in the Women’s NCAA Championship. Here is what he had to say. In true rapper style, please excuse some of the language.

  1. “In women’s sports bro. Let the women have their glory man. We let this shit go down and in 5 or 10 years they are going to have kids raising their boys to be big strong mother fuckers, then turning to be women in sport and getting million-dollar contracts. Watch. Mother fuckers take money. Mother fuckers take money. Go get a seven-five and turn into a woman and put him onto a mother fucker’s NCAA team.

Women don’t get paid like men. Get the fuck out of that pool man. Get your ass out of the pool man. Get your ass out of the pool. It is not acceptable. I don’t know who is going to agree with me but I’m going to tell them, “Get your ass out of the pool”. This girl been training her whole life. You got girls who been training since they were 4 years old. Their shoulders not made like yours. Bro, come on bro. If Kevin Durant put on a wig – it’s cheating bro. It is cheating bro, they got girls who have been training their whole life to be good at women’s sports – at women’s sports.”

Amen to that bro.  

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