Eyad is on the IOC Refugee Team

The attached link is to a TV1 News item broadcast last night. It covers the news that Eyad has been accepted as a member of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Solidarity Refugee Team. Eyad will be paid a monthly allowance and receive assistance with overseas travel.

Eyad and I thank TV1 News for their interest. The interest of TV1 and the IOC’s refugee initiative is deeply appreciated. Thank you Abby Wilson. Thank you Kereyn Smith. Thank you Gonzalo Barrio. And thank you to 843 supporters.

The life of a refugee is not easy. For those who have escaped the troubles currently being experienced in a country like Syria the IOC’s assistance is well deserved. Until I lived in the Middle East and came face to face with their problems I had no idea – none at all. It is rewarding to know there are many who care sufficiently to provide men and women in Eyad’s position with assistance like the IOC’s refugee program.

Both Eyad and I are acutely aware of the responsibility we now have to ensure the support is well earned. If Eyad is selected for the Tokyo Olympic Games Refugee Team we will be working to ensure he performs at his best. Thank you again.






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