I recently read a conversation on Facebook that tore into New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. I have heard better debate in the bar of Wairoa’s Clyde Hotel. For example some guy called Rick Bowker thought the pinnacle of clever was to say, “Jacinda Hardon what an insane mental case, lock her up for the safety of NZ !”

That’s right Rick, follow your leader, Donald Trump. Threaten to “lock her up” and offend her with sexual insults. Works every time. I should have known better, but decided to defend the Prime Minister and said, “Yes she has done a great job. STFU.” My tone was designed to match the company I was keeping.

Well, the reaction was stunning. Here is a selection of the gems that came pouring into my living room. I have posted my comments following each outburst from the Clyde Hotel gang.   

John Hambleton

so you want to shut down any debate.. you’re right and everyone who disagrees STFU…makes sense 

Comment – John is right. I should have avoided STFU. However, far from closing the debate down I thought I was joining the fray. Just on the Prime Minister’s side.

Kerry Powell

this article you posted is a load of crap mate

Comment – The article Kerry thinks is crap is called, THAT WOMAN and was posted on Swimwatch.net. It’s about my neighbour who said in a stunningly angry tone that she wanted to put a bullet in the Prime Minister’s head.

Kerry Powell

I watch Fox News and I’ve never heard them encourage people to shoot someone…..that’s just B.S.

Comment – Strange as it may sound, the Guardian newspaper disagrees. Here is their view on Fox news. “Fox News is driving political violence in the US, a media watchdog warned, after the primetime host Tucker Carlson predicted “revolt” against the Biden administration.

In a Monday night monologue Carlson said: “When leaders refuse to hold themselves accountable over time, people revolt.

Kerry Powell

and for the record Trump never encouraged anyone to storm the Capitol on Jan 6.

Comment – Do we really have people in New Zealand stupid enough to believe this stuff? Here is what Trump said to the mob before they ransacked the government. His actual words:

‘We won this election, and we won it by a landslide’

‘We will stop the steal’

‘We will never give up. We will never concede. It doesn’t happen’

‘If you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore’

‘We are going to the Capitol’

Brain dead Kerry has really, really, really been watching too much Fox News.

Kerry Powell

but I can fully understand how upset a large number of people are, who have lost their businesses It’s against our laws and against the Nuremberg Code, which maybe you should read.

Comment – Now we are beginning to look into the dark places Kerry wants us all to travel. He is an anti-vax nut job and is prepared to use a Code published in 1947 after WW2 that banned the sort of pseudo-medical butchery that went on in German concentration camps. To equate that to the careful preparation of COVID vaccinations is ludicrous. Besides 9.98 billion people have now been safely vaccinated which hardly puts the treatment into Hitler’s mass sterilisation and drug programmes conducted on Jews in Dachau and Buchenwald.

Kerry Powell

you need to watch news other than the mainstream as you’re being slowly brainwashed. Or watch this video to see really what’s going on in the world and who owns the world….including the media..

Comment – And of course this right-wing moron is convinced Jewish bankers, TV news moguls and Wall Street tycoons control the world. Good God, this idiot lives in New Zealand where our government just now is run by a nice lady who lives in a perfectly normal house somewhere in Auckland. What on earth has she got to do with world or even New Zealand domination? Answer – not a damn thing. I suspect Kerry may see Auckland’s Anniversary Day Sailing Regatta tomorrow as a Jacinda plot to rule the world’s oceans   

Mike Van der Colk

the person in the article didn’t actually issue a threat to Jacinda -she just used an idiomatic expression in a private conversation. To report her to the police for that is crazy.

Comment – Here we have a South African import telling New Zealand that “I’d like to put a bullet in her head” is just a trifle, a simple “idiomatic expression”. Well, the use of bullets may be natural where he came from, but not here. The level of anger displayed by my neighbour was very concerning and the New Zealand police did not treat the threat as idiomatic. In half-an-hour they were visiting the author of the threat. The police also thanked me for the report. Mike probably believes Bin Laden saying “We call on every Muslim to comply with God’s order to kill Americans” was idiomatic as well.  

Ivan Mark Shatford

what do you expect from an American “educated” clown with a “degree” in political science

Comment – I’m not sure why Ivan felt it necessary to put “educated” and “degree” in speech marks. Yes, I was partly educated in America. But right now, so are 50.7 million other people. My school was in Wisconsin where 89% of the population graduated from High School and 20% have a university degree. I am hardly unique. Why something about those facts makes me a clown, I’m not at all sure.

And as for having a degree in Political Science. The logic of that escapes me. Surely the location of my qualification can’t be a problem. I earned the degree from Victoria University in Wellington. That school’s Department of Politics and International Studies is ranked in the top 2 percent of the world’s 18,000 universities and in the top 100 universities in the world.

Perhaps it is the subject that is causing Mike’s problem. Political Science is not for everyone. But when the subject is the Prime Minister of New Zealand it does seem more relevant than nuclear physics or marine biology.

The moral, I guess, is never get into a pissing match with a skunk. In this case I chose five. With an American education and a Political Science degree I should have known better.

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